Transport SecurityTransport security is a cornerstone of IR’s advisory services. IRs related skills and expertise have been acknowledged be senior government figures on several occasions; including by an Australian Prime Minister in Parliamentary proceedings. Our capability has been refined through a long track record of work for transport operators, security providers, transport regulators and government agencies. We provide clients with an independent, intellectually rigorous approach that has contributed to capacity building for industry participants and improved regulatory policies.

Our work for aviation, maritime and surface industry participants includes strategic planning; the development and review of performance measurement and quality assurance frameworks; advice on capacity building programs; security risk assessments and site audits; and drafting of industry submissions for regulators.

IR projects for the Australian transport regulator – the Aviation and Maritime Security Division (AMS) in the Department of Home Affairs – have covered the full gamut of the aviation, maritime, bus and rail transport sectors. Our range of projects involves national reviews of aviation security; drafting of policy discussion papers; development of risk management and preventive security guidance for the aviation, bus surface and rail sectors; and facilitation of industry workshops on key issues, including on cargo port security and airport terminal design and security. We have been involved in delivering security risk and/or design reviews of all international airports in Australia; as well as many overseas.

IR has delivered transport security related projects in a range of diverse operational environments including Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Greece, India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Qatar, Thailand and the UK. Several of those projects have been comprehensive capacity building projects, for government transport regulators in those countries, providing assurance of security risk frameworks and policies including security risk assessments of gateway international airports.

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