The Intelligent Risks (IR) leadership team have extensive experience and subject matter expertise across the spectrum of security planning, risk assessment, operational management, due diligence enquiries and crisis resolution. IR personnel have served at senior levels in intelligence, law enforcement, the military and the private sector.

Neil Fergus

Chief Executive

Neil founded IR in 2001 following a 20 year career in the Australian Government; including as a senior diplomat, as Manager Middle East and as the Principal Operations Adviser. He has since led IR’s growth into becoming a pre-eminent international management services firm. He is an internationally recognised speaker and author on risk management, security, KRE and terrorism; and is a co-author of Security Risk Management (HB167 – 2006). He has been an adviser to the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) since 2004 and has been engaged in planning and delivery for eight Olympic Games, including several reviews for the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Neil has conducted numerous complex reviews for governments, such as the ‘Layers of Aviation Security Review’ for the Australian Government and several projects for the US State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, including in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent.

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Eliza Thorn

Manager, Queensland and Pacific

Eliza manages IR’s projects in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Pacific regions. She has extensive skills and experience in delivering complex international security, risk, transport and due diligence projects. Eliza had several years’ experience in security, international policy, liaison and analysis roles with the Australian Department of Defence (including extended deployments to East Timor and Iraq) and the Office of Transport Security (OTS). She was a senior diplomat in the Australian Embassy in Thailand before joining IR in 2013 as Manager of our practice in Bangkok.

In 2015 Eliza transferred to Australia to manage the Corporate Integrity Program, delivering numerous due diligence projects for our clients including particularly complex cases in China, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam. In late 2018 Eliza was appointed Manager of our practice in Brisbane.

Eliza has managed IR teams delivering a range of complex security projects – including for the Cultural Precinct, Suncorp, Origin Energy, the Brisbane 2032 Olympics feasibility study, as well as coordinating our reviews of numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

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Andrew McWhinney

Manager, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

Andrew previously served in the Australian Government in lead security and intelligence roles, including in counter-terrorism investigations. Since joining IR in 2010, Andrew has managed numerous complex projects for IR’s clients across the risk and security spectrum including strategic planning and reviews, complex risk assessments and has provided advisory services to mega and major events including for the London 2012, Tokyo 2020 and Pans 2024 Olympics, and Gold Coast 2018 and Birmingham 2022 Games.

He has been the IR Team Leader on security risk assessments and design inputs for numerous major construction and redevelopment projects, for precincts, corporate campuses and venues: including Perth Sports Precinct, Barangaroo in Sydney, the OECD campus in Paris, the Sydney Football Stadium, Powerhouse Precinct at Parramatta, Perry Barr Athletes Village in Birmingham and the Sydney Olympic Park precinct.

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Tony Harman

Manager, Asia

Tony is responsible for managing IR’s operations in the Asian region from the IR practice located in Bangkok. Tony has extensive experience in crisis management, risk management, security assessments and due diligence investigations. Prior to joining IR, Tony worked for the Australian government for over 30 years; firstly, as a military officer, including in Iraq, and then as a diplomat. Tony had operational deployments in Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East and the USA, including a three year diplomatic posting in Thailand. He speaks fluent Thai.

Tony has managed several complex IR aviation security projects, including in Indonesia and Thailand. He has led IR’s security design and policy development projects including for a US$500m medical precinct project in Bangkok and a US$10b 70 acre new Financial District project in central Kuala Lumpur.

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