Intelligent Risks (IR) has extensive experience and subject matter expertise across the following services.

Strategic Planning

IR works with major organisations and governments internationally to provide strategic planning and review advice to aid in developing and implementing cost effective security solutions to safeguard personnel, assets, clients and reputations. Effective strategic security planning

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Risk Assessments and Reviews

A critical component of IR’s success as a leading management services provider globally is our deep understanding of risk management methodology consistent with the international standard for Risk

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Business Resilience

We support clients in public and private sectors in developing business resilience regimes. Our expertise covers the spectrum of business resilience planning support:
• Business continuity plans; • Business impact analyses; • Development and

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Security Operations

IR’s Security Operations expertise and services include the provision of operational support for clients, usually through an end-to-end security management solution in planning and operational delivery and post-event client

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We have successfully conducted numerous complex and often cross-jurisdictional investigations, including matters involving workplace malfeasance employee fraud, financial investigations, and other sensitive corporate matters including unauthorised

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Due Diligence

We complete background checking and due diligence inquiries on individuals and companies with the emphasis on confirming truthfulness and integrity, and discovering risk indicators; such as links to criminal activity, commercial litigation

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Major Event Security

MAJOR EVENT SECURITY. IR has provided specialist planning, strategic and operational services to over 60 international mega and major events. IR personnel have

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