Security Operations

Security Operations

IR’s expertise and services include the provision of operational support for clients, usually through an end-to-end security management solution in planning and operational delivery and post-event client debriefings to identify lessons learned and drive a process of continual improvement.
IR routinely embeds senior practitioners in client workforces in situations where our personnel are integrated into the client’s management team to perform key roles, often for the ‘foundation’ phase of a complex project or program.
A senior IR manager was contracted as the Strategic Security Adviser to the Board of the Sydney Metro for a period of close to two years.  This A$20 + billion project is the largest transport infrastructure project in Australia and IR prepared foundation security planning and advised on the appointment of a permanent chief security lead and the resources required to deliver this massive project.
Similarly, a senior IR manager was the interim head of security for the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games in the UK. That person delivered the strategic requirements to fast-track planning until the full-time security team could be recruited and deployed.
IR also provided the manager of security and emergency management for the 2018 Rugby League World Cup that was co-hosted by Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. For our role in that Tournament, at the 2018 Australian Event Awards IR was named the “Best Event Service” for our risk, security, and crisis management services.
Currently, a senior IR executive is managing security master planning for a significant element of a giga-project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Another is doing a similar role for a multi-billion design and construction project in India. And senior IR personnel are coordinating security for a major Nine Media international project.
We also embed senior personnel to implement a review or manage a new program, or to provide direct support in response to a security issue or crisis. For example, a senior IR representative managed the security functional area in an international bank for over 12 months following a major restructuring; and a major Australian energy company contracted IR to provide a senior executive as the temporary head of its security and safety branch for several months after an organisational review.
In the event of any significant security related crisis impacting our clients, it is relatively common for IR to be asked to deploy a subject matter expert to investigate or resolve the matter; and provide ongoing advice to the respective Crisis Management Team (CMT).  We have fulfilled that role in relation to numerous kidnap events, extortions, fixated person attacks, malicious product tampering’s, embezzlements, cyber-ransom events, accidental product contaminations and staff evacuations.

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