Rugby League World Cup 2017

I am pleased to provide this testimonial for IR in relation to the services the company provided to the Rugby League World Cup 2017 (RLWC) in Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. In my then capacity as Chairman of the RLWC Board I was very much aware of the superb support IR provided our Organising Committee.

I believe it was unique in international major events for an Organising Committee to completely out-source the security and emergency management support to a third-party provider.

This model proved very successful for the RLWC. There were economies of time, effort and money compared to the more traditional method of recruiting a full-time in-house team. It also meant RLWC was able to fully utilise the extensive skills and experience IR brought from the innumerable international major events it has worked on previously (including several Olympics, several Commonwealth Games and four FIFA World Cups).

The IR project leader, Andrew McWhinney, and his IR colleagues did an outstanding job coordinating the planning and delivery of security for this complex event in three countries.


Chairman, Rugby League World Cup 2017

At the annual Australian Event Awards in 2018 Intelligent Risks (IR) was recognised with “Best Event Service” award for its work in risk, security and crisis management – particularly noting IRs outstanding contribution to the success of RLWC 2017.




The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) has had an association with IR for nearly 20 years. The Australian Government has contracted their services for specialist security roles almost continuously since the formation of the company (in 2001) until now.

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Australian Himalayan Foundation

Australian Himalayan Foundation

The Australian Himalayan Foundation (AHF) has received constant support from Intelligent Risks (IR) since 2011, in relation to many key governance and assurance obligations and operational requirements.

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