Corporate Security – Origin Energy

IR has assisted Origin’s gas business since 2010 during a period of continuous change which requires us to keep pace and anticipate next steps.

We started by developing a Security Framework for Origin’s Coal Seam Gas (CSG) project in southern Queensland covering all project assets. The Framework guided the assessment of risks to facilities from terrorism, violent protest, crime, and threat/hoax activity in the context of sensitive community issues. As a follow-on, we provided Origin with Security Guidelines for its CSG facilities and a company Security Policy and Security Management Plan.
This project laid the foundations for Origin’s security risk management approach to CSG operations in the face of a dynamic security environment. We consulted closely and extensively with internal and external stakeholders and analysed Origin’s organisational objectives to capture all aspects of security and emergency management specific to Origin’s operations.

The pace of CSG development and challenging project timelines meant we needed to develop a methodology that was flexible and responsive to Origin’s changing imperatives. Through a structured information gathering process we completed multiple complementary projects that aligned with Origin principles, processes, and procedures and resulted in us becoming a close and trusted provider.

We continue to assist Origin develop their enduring security capability. Our intellectual and analytical capacity has enabled us to provide bespoke security products and services (e.g. risk assessments, site security manuals, standards and internal assessment tools, and incident management support) and has enabled Origin’s gas business to be nimble in response to security and emergency threats and incidents and ‘forward leaning’ in identifying and managing emerging issues.



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May 30, 2016

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