On 9 June 2017, IR commenced operations from its newest practice in Auckland, New Zealand. This practice is a clear signal of IR’s long-term commitment to both the New Zealand market and our client base worldwide with interests in New Zealand.

IR’s recently appointed NZ Manager, Marc Armitage is committed to ensuring our New Zealand public and private sector clients will have the same access to world-leading security advice and risk management that IR provides globally. The opening of a full-time practice in Auckland means IR’s clients will be able to access IRs services more readily, and access the depth of IRs talented staff pool based around the world. This practice also puts IR in a stronger position to respond in a timely manner to New Zealand based client needs.

For further details or to discuss New Zealand-based opportunities to partner, please contact Marc Armitage via email

Marc Armitage Bio:
Prior to joining IR, Marc worked for the Australian and New Zealand Governments for 10 years, including in analytical, security operations and management roles. Marc has extensive experience in risk management, intelligence operations, security assessment and planning and blended law enforcement / intelligence operations.

Marc was recently responsible for leading a diverse national team delivering significant counter-terrorism outcomes.  He was awarded a Director’s Level award from the Director of Security (NZ) for this period, as well as a certificate of recognition from the National Security Investigation Team (NSIT) of New Zealand Police. Marc has a BA and Law degree from the University of Tasmania and an MBA from the University of Sydney Business School.

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