Central Precinct Renewal Program (CPRP)

Central Precinct Renewal Program (CPRP)

The Central Precinct Renewal Program (CPRP) will redevelop 24 hectares in and around Sydney’s Central Station to create a vibrant urban hub. The Precinct will encompass Central Station, as a world-class transport interchange, improved connections with surrounding areas, new and inclusive public spaces and social infrastructure to support the community, as well as new commercial, retail, recreational and residential buildings.

In July 2019, Central Precinct was declared a nominated State Significant Precinct (SSP) in recognition of its potential to boost investment and deliver new jobs. The Central Precinct Strategic Framework was adopted in March 2021.

In December 2021, IR was engaged by Arcadis to complete a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) and a Safety and Security Strategy for the CPRP to support the SSP planning process. IR went beyond developing a traditional protective security strategy as Central is a critical infrastructure asset and one of Sydney’s most crowded places. Our approach instead involved the development of a holistic strategy addressing the perceptions of safety of all users at Central, including the most vulnerable community groups.

We set out to gain a detailed understanding of how diverse user groups experience Central Station and how CPRP design and security operations can foster a welcoming environment and mitigate safety concerns for all. IR conducted extensive engagements with young women, students, nearby education providers, organisations supporting rough sleepers, the LGBTQI+ community, and various other relevant stakeholders.

The resulting Safety and Security Strategy combines best-practice in protective security management for large precincts with the latest research on inclusive design and safety perceptions. IR’s work establishes the foundation for a physically secure new Central Precinct based on an environment that feels safe and welcoming to all Sydneysiders and visitors.

For related inquiries please contact William Dent, Security & Risk Advisor on email

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